Paid Internship Opportunity

This paid, part-time internship will produce video and photography content for social media and other marketing channels. 

The ideal intern MUSTS:

- Video production and editing skills

- Social media savvy

- Interest in giving back to the community

Big Bonus Points for those with:

- Photography and photo editing skills

- Graphic design capabilities

If this sounds like you, send an email to with:

1) Links to video clips you’ve created

2) Photography/graphic design portfolio if available

3) Your current school and grade or year

The Society Guide’s 2018-19 Giving Book High School Video Challenge


The Society Guide’s 2018-19 Giving Book High School Video Challenge

Calling all Charlotte high schools!

We are challenging you to create a compelling and catchy video to promote philanthropy in our community. Using the 2018-19 Giving Book as your source for the charitable needs in Charlotte, we want you to create a video that makes a case for a local cause you believe is important and brings attention to the nonprofit(s) working to address that cause. Tell us why your school cares and why the rest of the community should too.

You can design your video in any format or category - Docu-short, music video, PSA, trailer, etc. It can be live action, animated, stills – whatever you feel is most effective! There are no rules on this.

We will award three winners:

Best Overall:

This Grand Prize Winner will receive $500 for their school and $500 for a nonprofit of your choice from the Giving Book, along with a commemorative plaque and bragging rights for your school.

Most Views:

Winner will receive $250 for their school and $250 for a nonprofit of your choice from the Giving Book.

Most Inspiring:

Winner will receive $250 for their school and $250 for a nonprofit of your choice from the Giving Book.


Submission Criteria:

o   Each school must select one partnering nonprofit from this year’s Giving Book to award their winnings. The closing image of your video should include both that nonprofit’s logo and your school logo and should read: Our school is competing to support (selected nonprofit). 

o   Upload your video to YouTube and make it public. The title should be:  

“The Society Guide Giving Book Video Challenge – Name of Your School”

o   To be officially submitted, send an email to with:

School Name and Point of Contact

Link to Video

Selected Nonprofit Partner

All submissions are due by January 27th, 2019. Winners will be announced on February 4th.   If you’re going for the Most Views award, get them up and start promoting!



1.     Submissions can come from any high school (public or private) in the Charlotte area.

2.     Only one submission per school.

3.     Maximum video length is 3:00 minutes.

4.     Any music or sound must either be original, royalty-free for public use, or used with proper permission.

5.     The Giving Book or image of its cover must appear in the video.



Where can we see a copy of the Giving Book?

If no one in your school community received a copy in the mail, contact us to request one.

You can also view it on our website here:

What can our school do to stand out?

The point of this project is to bring attention to charitable needs in the community. As such, any video that generates lots of community buzz or has the potential to become viral will be an obvious standout.

If you can figure out a way for your video to incorporate real impact – whether through fundraising, completing a project for one of the organizations, starting an ongoing initiative in your school, connecting a nonprofit to a new corporate sponsor, etc. - these would all make for standout elements.

To get the most views, make sure to promote, promote, promote! Make sure everyone in your school community is sharing on their social media and give a shout-out to the nonprofit you have selected to compete for so everyone on their team can do the same.

What makes a good video?

Anything that keeps a viewers attention. Make it catchy and fun to watch, or compelling and tug at people’s emotions. The best videos are those that someone would watch in full and feel as if they must share it with others.

Do we have to use the Giving Book as our guide? What if there is a cause or nonprofit we want to feature that’s not included in the book?

Yes, you have to choose a cause/issue that’s addressed in the 2018-19 Giving Book and the nonprofit you ultimately select to compete for must be in this year’s book. The Giving Book covers a wide variety of local causes: the arts, children & families, education, healthcare, the environment, seniors, veterans, poverty, upward mobility, women & girls, and substance abuse.

If there’s a local nonprofit your school feels passionate about that is not included in this year’s book, tell us about them and we may feature them in next year’s book!

How do we choose which nonprofit we want to award our winnings?

The nonprofit you choose from the Giving Book should be aligned with the community cause you are promoting. There are some causes with multiple nonprofits addressing that work. In that case, choose the nonprofit you sense is doing the most important work, or might be lesser known and could benefit the most from exposure. If you’re unsure which to choose, just contact us and we’ll help you pick!

Can we talk about several nonprofits in our video?

Yes, your video can refer to as many nonprofits in the Giving Book as you choose. They are all worthy and would greatly benefit from the exposure! Just be sure not to dilute the message too much. Ultimately, only one nonprofit can be the recipient of your winnings. 

How will winners be determined?

The Most Views award will be determined by the number of YouTube views by midnight on January 20th.

The Best Overall and Most Inspiring awards will be voted on by a panel of professionals from the PR, Media, Marketing, and Nonprofit industries. We will announce the people on that panel at a later date. There will be no panelists with high school age children, or spouses or immediate family that are teachers/staff at any local high school.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to Amanda Howard at

We're Hiring!

Director of Member Marketing


The Society Guide is a membership-based program for nonprofits that works to connect our members with high net worth donors and their advisors.

The Director of Member Marketing’s goal is to cultivate opportunities for our nonprofit members to introduce their organization to people and businesses in the community. The Director will identify PR and media opportunities, existing meetings/events (social, associations, clubs, etc.) to forge charitable partnerships, as well as help cultivate opportunities with small businesses (retail, fitness, etc) who might wish to align with charitable organizations.

The Director will also assist with the planning and execution our own events (two per year).

Ideal candidates will:

-       Be well connected in the Charlotte community

-       Have PR and event experience

-       Familiarity with the Charlotte nonprofit community and fundraising/philanthropic landscape

-       Be an active social media user

-       Have insightful ability to match our nonprofit members with the right audience/opportunities for mutually beneficial experiences

-       Self-starter with ability to work remotely and independently


Contact Amanda Pagliarini Howard to discuss further, highlighting compatibility with our ideal candidate points.



Instagram - @thesocietyguide

Twitter - @SocietyGuideCLT