What the donors said...

Insights from 2016 US Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy

Listening. We believe it to be the most important component of fundraising. That’s why we love surveying and asking questions.

US Trust just released their 2016 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy and here are some of the highlights that stood out to us:

  • Last year, the vast majority (91 percent) of HNW households donated to charity. This high rate of giving among the wealthy compares with 59 percent of the U.S. general population who donate to charity.

  • When asked what they believe has the greatest potential for positive impact on society, wealthy donors cited charitable giving (45%) and volunteering (31%) above all else.

  • Wealthy individuals who volunteered in 2015 gave 56% more on average than those who did not volunteer.

  • The study offers an optimistic view of future giving levels, with 83 percent of wealthy individuals planning to give as much (55 percent) or more (28 percent) in the next three years (through 2018) than they have in the past. Women, African Americans, and younger individuals (age 50 and under) are even more likely to increase their giving in the next three years.

And what we see to be the most telling piece of data out of the study:

67% of wealthy donors reported their greatest challenge when it comes to charitable giving is identifying what causes they care about and deciding where to donate

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