Supporter Spotlight: McShane Partners

If you attend any fundraising events in town, you’ve likely seen the McShane Partners logo somewhere in the room. The wealth advisory boutique is infused in the community, and sees corporate philanthropy as a requirement for business.

McShane Partners continues their partnership with the Giving Book and their sponsorship of Dilworth Center for the third year. Learn more about their firm and how they work to maximize philanthropy both in and outside their offices.

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You have sponsored Dilworth Center’s membership and feature in the Giving Book for the last three years! Why are you passionate about DC and why should the community support their work? 

The Dilworth Center for Chemical Dependency is located in the historic Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. This facility provides an amazing family program for those recovering from addiction.  Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. We believe it is important to support the work of the DC because often, drug and alcohol addictions have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Families need a place learn about the disease, find educational resources for their family and have the structure of a positive support system, and tools for sustained recovery.

Your firm’s community contributions span beyond Dilworth Center and have included Arts+, Women’s Impact Fund, CharMeck Library, Dress for Success, Alexander Youth Network, Discovery Place, Fashion & Compassion, Pats Place and the Mint Museum Auxiliary. How, or why, did corporate philanthropy become important to your firm?

We donate 10% of our profits to local charities, with 3 core focus areas; Arts, Education & Women. Consistently giving back to the Charlotte community enables us to understand the constituents that we serve as well as support the surroundings that sustain our business interests. We view community philanthropy as an obligation not an option. McShane Partners wants to be a good steward of philanthropic capital and conducts due diligence on each organization and weighs the community impact of each dollar it donates. For our business and culture to be successful, we support the entire Charlotte community as we prosper together not in isolation.

How do you help your clients maximize their philanthropic impact? 

We provide a comprehensive plan for our clients that empowers their charitable giving through the use of Donor Advised Funds and QCD’s from their IRA.  Where possible, we devise options that will allow client’s to prefund their future charitable giving during their working years when they are in a higher tax bracket.  This allows them to feel good about continuing their philanthropic giving at the same level when they retire and no longer have an earned income. 

Best Charlotte event you’ve been to over the last year?

SEED20 is a great one! Created by Social Venture Partners (SVP), the annual SEED20 program identifies, highlights and connects the community to our region’s most innovative ideas for tackling pressing social challenges.

If your firm was given a reality show, what would it be called and what would we see? 

David and Goliath—you would see passionate, young, entrepreneurs striving to create a unique, nimble culture that is adaptable and in the best interest of the client countering the dominance of large, established bureaucracies. 

If you could be a fly on a wall in any room in Charlotte, where would you go?   

Taiwo “Tai” Jaiyeoba’s office.