Fundraising Events Survey

We asked readers for their real thoughts and feelings about fundraising events and they gave us just that! And here are the results…..

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Full responses here:

1 -My ticket is my contribution; 2 - I don't have a set standard and make a financial contribution based on the event and the perceived need; 3 - I make a financial contribution at the event; 4 - I make a financial contribution in some fashion if I am attending as a guest and did not pay for my ticket; 5 - I make a contribution after the event; 6 - I typically bid on an auction item

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Full responses here:

1 - Did not enjoy; 2 - Wasn't made aware of the date / the org never contacted me; 3 - Ticket price increase; 4 - Chose to support another event/org instead; 5 - Didn't get the sense they needed my support; 6 - Event had become stale and repetitive; 7 - Too much effort required in terms of attire, logistics, etc.

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