Resource Membership

A Resource Member of The Society Guide is anyone who can provide strategic value to either our nonprofit members or high net worth donor audience, in a manner that aligns with our mission.*

Some potential opportunities for Resource Members within our deliverables include, but are not limited to:

  • A letter, article, or advertorial spread in the Giving Book
  • Sponsorship and branding of the Giving Book
  • Articles, blogs, or promotional content on our website
  • Promotional mentions and “take-overs” of our social media accounts
  • Sponsorship and speaking opportunities at our Annual Symposium
  • Sponsorship of our private Giving Book launch event
  • Facilitated introductions and partnership proposals to our nonprofit members, high net worth donor audience, and other resource members
  • Hosting events on your behalf for our nonprofit members or high net worth donor audience

To discuss how we could craft a customizable beneficial partnership as a Resource Member and the financial contribution that would entail, contact Amanda Pagliarini Howard at or 703-864-5683.

*Businesses that wish to be involved in The Society Guide and our annual Giving Book that do not have products or services that directly correlate to our mission can be involved by sponsoring and underwriting a nonprofit’s membership.

Benefits of nonprofit sponsorship can include:

  • Recognition as the corporate sponsor and Society Guide supporter in the Giving Book and on our website
  • Social media mentions and “take overs” of our accounts
  • Access to private events
  • Full page photo spreads in the Giving Book

To learn more, contact Amanda Pagliarini Howard at or 703-864-5683.